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Proper preparation of any log home restoration project is the key to completing the job right and achieving a high quality finish that will last for years to come.
A log home restoration is the process of stripping the logs of all foreign material to bring it back to it's original clean white wood grain look, like the day it was first installed, except this time with a slight difference by providing the stripped logs with a profile not noticed at first glance, but vital to applying the stain to help penetrate deeper into the logs to help preserve the logs longer and to achieve a beautiful finish.

The cost might seem expensive at first, but what you really are paying for in the end is nothing compared to the value of what you get when the project is completed properly, as the value of your log home exceeds the amount charged by over 300%, which is a better investment than anything else you could invest in, and what better investment then your home that you use and depend on daily.

We offer a complete log home restoration, from log repairs, blasting, chinking, staining and painting if required with over 40 years in the blasting and refinishing industry we are the best at what we offer.
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